Host On Demand Media Platform in Dubai, UAE Data Center.

On the internet compelling user experiences are the core essence of any offering & when there is rich media that needs to be relayed over the internet, performance becomes the cornerstone.

Welcome to Hostware Media Solutions wherein we host mission critical media platforms that serve on demand live streaming & geo targeted ads within a world class data center for a global client base. We also provide expertise in hosting Windows Media, Flash Video Streaming, Mobile Streaming, Live Streaming & Video On Demand applications on a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model wherein users subscribe to a centralised application. Our solutions help businesses serve digital media to consumers worldwide with exceptional clarity and zero interruption.

We at Hostware only deploy rock solid branded hardware & work on a managed SLA basis wherein we are responsible for the network, devices, operating system & infrastructure components. This ensures optimal performance, stability, security, unsurpassed reliability & a formal process to exceed client expectations. Our servers are physically located in Dubai, UAE Data Centers along with technical expertise/support personnel to answer your calls from our offices based in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE.

In consultation with our certified engineers & your Team, we build & manage the ideal digital media platform to cater to your business needs. Absolute safety, local support, years of web infrastructure expertise combined with cost efficiency make us your most logical preferred media hosting partner. Contact Us today to find a partner that will help you grow & manage ALL aspects of your digital media infrastructure ranging from Media Softwares/Applications, Load Balancing, Redundancy, Security & the works!