We give you the best hardware in the business, but we also give you service and support and come to full circle. Time is not a constraint when it comes service and support; we deliver the best in all aspects. Our services include giving you the SLA basic pack with each server that can be upgraded to SLA plus anytime.


AdHoc Support  $99

On-demand assistance – 30 min

AdHoc Support  $149

On-demand assistance – 60 min

Advance SLA Plan 1  $135 / mo

Business Hour on-demand assistance / 60 minutes/month of server management /
10 GB Backup Space

Advance SLA Plan 2  $270 / mo

Business Hour on-demand assistance / 180 minutes/month of server management
/ 25 GB Backup Space


Basic support for all functions of domain names, DNS, email, FTP and Web Services.

  • We monitor your domain names and DNS settings.
  • Control Panel Related Queries.
  • Queries related to publishing of website
  • Hardware queries such as server rebooting.


We, at Hostware deliver the following system support

  • Microsoft Windows Server (web/standard/enterprise and data centre editions)
  • Debian
  • CentOS
  • FreeBSD
  • Redhat (Enterprise Server)

Our Control Panel Features include

  • cPanel / WHM
  • cPanel/WHM + Fantastico
  • Parallels Plesk for Linux & Windows
  • Webmin

EOL (End of Life of an operating system). Our CPanel withdraws support of an operating system that has reached end of life status. In addition to our basic support; we also deliver advanced system support that includes:

  • Services not covered under basic support
  • Installation of software patches, specific upgrades, hot fixes and required add-ons on preinstalled software or modules.
  • Implementation of problem solving protocols, in an event where a service becomes unresponsive.
  • Technical Assessment of Systems (Timely Security Audits) and Backup Recovery.

A few pointers to our services:

  • Inclusion of Service level package hours, are valid per calendar month only.
  • Only existing installed and configured services avail the hours included in the customer service level package.
  • For new installations, the hours would be charged an extra $45/per hour.


Our intelligent Basic Monitoring System checks for,

  • Secure web page availability: every 300 seconds.
  • HTTP and ICMP (ping, host availability): every 300 seconds.
  • POP3 and SMTP: every 600 seconds.

For our clients with Advanced Service Level Package include monitoring custom ports and services.


Our central storage features give you gigantor volume of 5GB, 10GB, 25GB and 50GB as per customer requirements. We give the customer, the steering wheel to perform and restore backups via FTP.
Our customer, with Advanced Backup is pampered a little bit more, giving him the luxury of performing and restoring backups which is performed by Hostware. How do we do it?
Our Software does it for you,

  • With daily backups at regular intervals.
  • Inclusion of all features including files, operating system, additionally installed software and configurations are categorized under the backup protocol.


Our Basic and Advanced Firewall features give you a whole new dimension of security. We simulate the firewall on the server for a Basic Firewall Option, based on the software settings. Port allowance is done on Customers Request.
Our Advanced Firewalls are a feature of a Dedicated Firewall Infrastructure .We determines the configuration of the firewall according to Windows or Linux based server or database server. Port allowance is again done on Customers Request via Email.

  • POP3 (110).
  • SMTP (25).
  • HTTP (80).
  • FTP (21).
  • Remote Desktop (3389).
  • Plesk (8443).
  • MySQL (3306).
  • MS SQL (1433).


If updates and hot fixes are released by Microsoft, they are downloaded by our speedy Patch Management System and distributed to various client servers strategically. For Linux users, the updates are distributor related.


Susceptibility of a server is critical, Preemptive scanning and reports are the best defense to preventing susceptibility issues, reports are sent to the client for analysis.