Key Features:

  • Hosted in Dubai, UAE Data Centers
  • 99.9% Uptime with 24×7 Technical Support
  • High Availability
  • Redundant Hardware
  • Multi Data Center redundancy
  • Real Time Deployment
  • More Power than Traditional Hosting
  • We never overload your RAM and Storage – Guaranteed

Expert VPS Hosting Provider in Dubai – Hostware.ae

With Hostware.ae, you get to grow your business as we grow our VPS hosting services. Our VPS hosting in Dubai is what has made possible for many businesses to get to know the real deal of their work in a real-time manner. Through our VPS server you can get access to your data online anytime of the day and be ensured that our security panels make it safe for your files and data throughout the year. For paying very less you can get all the strength for your website as we make sure that you get added values and features on every plan that you select and sign-up for with us. Through our highly customizable VPS hosting, you can easily manage your data and files by accessing from any location as make sure you get 100% 24/7 connectivity with your data.

Best Virtual Private Server Hosting in Dubai – UAE

Hostware.ae, through its redundant hardware is able to take any load of data that you might need to put in order to keep your business running. We guarantee to not overload your RAM and RAM storage as we believe in offering quality and efficient VPS hosting service. Our vps server hosting is known for its uptime and high speed which none in the market offer and we take pride in this. To get the virtual dedicated server hosting, you can simply sign-up by filling in the contact form or may also give us a call and have a live chat with our customer support representatives who are always there to give you the prompt response on any question or query regarding our VPS hosting services in Dubai.

You get your private virtual server with Hostware�s robust systems that ensure greater speed and 24/7 connectivity for you with your data online. Through our Hyper-V VPSs you get all the power you need for your website by having super-user access to it. Having wide range of options for installing your favorite softwares, you can choose any operating system hosting plan. Our VPS hosting in Dubai is far economical as compared to any other self-styled companies in the market. Our core concern is always your satisfaction and that too not for sake of just saying but for real. Our virtual dedicated server hosting offers extension for all your web hosting needs and requirements. Our VPS hosting in Dubai is easily configured and created so that there is no factor of hassle and confusion left for you and for us.- See more at: http://web.archive.org/web/20140331064053/http://www.hostware.ae/virtual-private-server.html#sthash.vN6HJIOC.dpuf